Committed to research and development

Finding better ways to do things and improve our products are goals we work on every day.

That’s why invest 4% of our annual turnover in Research and Development. We invest to create new products, to improve technology in our facilities, to cut our consumption and reduce our environmental impact. We also search for new ways to relate to the market, to go beyond everyday sales models with innovative multichannel partnership programs. We believe that only a strongly innovative approach can improve our performance and offer the entire Olitalia family – and the legions of clients that trust us around the world – a variety of dietary solutions that meet their expectations: delicious, high quality and safe. This is our way of planning for the future, maintaining a competitive advantage and staying on top of market trends. Innovation enables us to satisfy consumer needs with products that are adapted to contemporary lifestyles, that contribute to healthy and balanced nutrition in line with the parameters of the Mediterranean Diet in which olive oil plays a fundamental role.
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Temperature, light and oxygen are the “enemies” of olive oil, because they alter its precious nutritional and organoleptic characteristics.

In recent years we have invested a large amount of resources to reduce the negative effects these agents can have on our products. Our latest-generation production facility is one of the few in Italy equipped with a Quality Controlled Temperature system. The extravirgin oil is stored in insulated vats keeping it at a constant temperature of between 16-18 C°.
Our new 2 Steps Low Temp Filter helps maintain a constant temperature during the filtration process, avoiding the thermic shock that can typically occur during the classic filtration process. Thanks to the use of nitrogen during filtration and storage, oxygen in both the tank and the oil itself is eliminated, keeping the oil’s special characteristics perfectly intact. Low-stress pumping systems and stainless-steel tubing guarantees our products are treated with maximum care and product safety.

Quality certification

For Olitalia, “excellence” means adopting only the highest standards during all steps of the production process, as demonstrated by the company’s decision to comply with the following quality certifications, in addition to its own monitoring:
  • BRC Global Standard for Food Safety
  • International Food Standard (IFS)
  • Kosher Certification
  • BIO Europa organic certification
  • Halal Food Certification
The quality of our products is recognized and appreciated by many of the largest retail chains, which adopt our quality standards for their own private label brands.
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