Olitalia is managed by the family of founder Giuseppe Cremonini: children Angelo, Elisabetta and Camillo.

For over 50 years, this family-owned company name stands for excellence, quality and tradition in Italian cuisine around the world. Today we are one of the most trusted brands in the food and condiments sector: thanks to our total devotion to our roots, while at the same time moving forward on the path of excellence with a healthy ambition to achieve future results.


There is no such thing as “Italian cooking.” Italy’s cooking has evolved from a diverse culinary heritage and an extremely varied gastronomic tradition, with an immense range of local products and special dishes.

We reflect this variety in our offering: each product is a unique and different taste experience, for both professionals and consumers. Our experience in gastronomic excellence is constantly enriched thanks to partnerships with the top associations of Italian and international chefs. An intense and fruitful exchange of knowledge with our partners helps our products go “straight to the heart” of these professionals, enabling them to create new dishes and new ways of cooking and preparing food, so they can continue their quest for culinary excellence.

Our experience

The world has over 1,600 olive cultivars: Italy, on its own, has 600 of them.

The historic and cultural roots of Italian taste are appreciated around the globe, and are enriched with meaning and value through our products. Thanks to Olitalia’s knowhow and experience across the production process, we select our olives in the most careful and rigorous way: a solid guarantee of constant quality, ensured year after year by maintaining the same standards of quality and quantity in cultivation.