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Olitalia is the world’s most widely-distributed olive oil brand.
The company has expanded its international reach, and today distributes its products in over 120 countries around the world, reaching markets every continent. We have achieved recognition as a reference point for consumers from diverse cultural backgrounds by becoming deeply familiar with each country’s quality standards for food products as well as successfully meeting food safety regulations. This in turn requires an increasingly broad and personalized product range, based on the needs of single markets.


We listen closely to what our customers need in all of our markets. This dialogue helps us stay ahead of trends in consumer tastes.

This means that on one hand we can propose a full range of products that satisfy and respect the nutritional needs and dietary habits of our customers. On the other hand, we can help chefs reach their best performance as “creators of flavors,” by supplying them with quality solutions that meet the demands of a modern restaurant.
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At home
Olitalia’s products for daily family nutrition are designed to deliver ingredients to the kitchen table that are fundamental for a healthy and good-tasting diet.

For restaurants and chefs
Olitalia gives restaurant professionals the products they need to serve dishes that reflect their passion for good food and gastronomic culture. The best international chefs rely on us for quality solutions provided in formats that are the right fit.