Why Olitalia


in Italy in the Food Service sector


product lines

Kitchen products and Table products


30 yrs.

of experience, research and innovation


products in 5 sizes


dedicated factories: Forlì (olive oil) Spilamberto (vinegar)


academy training center of excellence

The Chef's recommendations

Fried anchovies

di Pasquale Torrente

Fried anchovies are a tasty and inexpensive dish to serve as a second or tasty appetizer.

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Fried anchovies
Pasquale Torrente

Cooked with FRIENN

Crispy and dry fried. Does not transfer color and flavor to food. Slow down the formation of bad smells

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O.I.L. – Olitalia Innovation Lab

O.I.L. – Olitalia Innovation Lab

The school, at the Forlì site, is a center of excellence which, starting from the best gastronomic tradition, works to orientate its innovation.

The school offers training programs dedicated to our staff, world experts and all oil and vinegar enthusiasts.

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