Olitalia is glad to introduce you to the Masters of Deep-Frying.

Three notable names, three great masters interpret Frienn, our oil for deep-frying, and make it the protagonist of exquisite dishes.

Franco Pepe, who was appointed as the best pizza chef in the world, uses Frienn for its creation called Assoluto di Fritto. That's a tasting menu with deep-fried food as the protagonist: it ranges from savoury specialities to desserts, all prepared with the products of his homeland.

Choosing the right oil is crucial if you want to prepare crispy and dry deep-fried food without perceiving the taste of oil: "a non-fried fried food", as Franco Pepe would define it.


Gino Sorbillo, the pizza chef par excellence, is widely renowned for its typical Neapolitan deep-fried pizza, which is the result of a century-old experience and an extremely careful selection of ingredients, especially the type of oil.

"I need certainties for my creations: Frienn guarantees perfect cooking, the highest smoke point. It does not let you down, but supports you and helps your cooking" says the pizza Master when he is asked to talk about the secret for "accurate deep-frying".


Pasquale Torrente, the king of deep-frying, has worked hand in hand with Olitalia to develop Frienn. The chef comes from Salerno and is the owner of the restaurant "Al Convento" in Cetara.He joined Olitalia's team of experts to define together the composition of Frienn, and create the perfect oil for deep-frying.

Even the name Frienn (which sounds like the word "frying" in the dialect of Campania) pays tribute to this artist of deep-frying: a professional who puts respect for traditions and enhancement of ingredients at the basis of his research aiming for culinary innovation.


Watch the videos of the three Masters of Deep-Frying and let their proposals inspire you:
Franco Pepe - Play the video
Gino Sorbillo - Play the video
Pasquale Torrente - Play the video

Olitalia is glad to introduce you to the Masters of Deep-Frying. 1