Olitalia’s special oils “i Dedicati”: the protagonists of the congress Identità Golose held in Milan

Olitalia’s took part in Identità Golose 2019 – the congress of auteur fine cooking invented by the journalist Paolo Marchi – from March 23rd to 25th. On this occasion, the company’s spotlight was on its product line “I Dedicati”.

The fifteenth edition of the IG congress held in Milan was a special chance for the company based in Forlì to tell people about the unique features of “I Dedicati”.
Several world-renowned chefs took part in the three-day congress: Alain Ducasse, Davide Oldani, Aurora Mazzucchelli, Gino Sorbillo, Franco Pepe, and Oliver Glowig; they all wanted to show their support to the project of “I Dedicati” and put their signatures to it, writing their names on our stand wall.
Olitalia’s product line “I Dedicati” is composed of four extra virgin olive oils with specific organoleptic profiles that were specially chosen for these oils to match perfectly different types of ingredients and dishes: meat, fish, past and vegetables.
It is a really innovative project for the olive oil market, and it stemmed from the collaboration between Olitalia and some member chefs of the international association JRE, which joins about 380 starred chefs all over Europe. The goal was to promote the importance of extra virgin olive oil for the chefs’ recipes, as oil is to be considered not just as a mere condiment but as a fully-fledged ingredient that can change the final result of a dish.
At Olitalia’s stand in Identità Golose – Milan – the innovative “mixology experience” also took centre stage: this project was conducted in collaboration with Drink Factory, the first bar-tending school founded in Bologna in 2003. The bartenders of the school prepared four different alcoholic cocktails using “I Dedicati” olive oils. The drinks have been specially created for Olitalia and were presented during Identità Golose.
Last but not least, chef Pasquale Torrente, the “King of Deep-frying”, could not miss this occasion. He prepared some delicious dishes to taste: in particular, some deep-fried specialities using Frienn, the sunflower deep-frying oil that was developed by the chef himself in collaboration with Olitalia, and other dishes prepared with “I Dedicati”.

Olitalia’s special oils “i Dedicati”: the protagonists of the congress Identità Golose held in Milan 1