Pizzolivm lands in Brazil together with AVPN

Olitalia, as a sponsor of the AVPN (True Neapolitan Pizza Association), participated in a series of interesting events in Brazil dedicated to the world of pizza. Pizzolivm was absolute protagonist.

The greatest competition amongst pizza chefs from all over the world, the “True Neapolitan Pizza Olympics”, will take place in Naples, at the headquarters of the True Neapolitan Pizza Association, from the 8thto the 10thof July 2019. Due to this, Olitalia’s products – in particular Pizzolivm, the oil for pizza created together with the association – landed in Brazil. On Monday the 8thof April the Brazilian qualifying rounds for the True Neapolitan Pizza Olympics took place at the new headquarters of C-Trade, a company specializing in the importation, marketing and distribution of products for the food sector. Whereas on the next day the certification event of pizzeria Ciao in Porto Alegre took place from which the venue became part of the association. On Wednesday the 10that the same pizzeria Ciao a workshop on the True Neapolitan Pizza and on fried pizza was held for workers in the sector, at which Olitalia brand products were protagonists. Finally, on Thursday the 11thof April there was a meeting of all of the Brazilian affiliates for the creation of the Brazilian delegation of AVPN which concluded with the certification evening of pizzeria Napoli Centrale in San Paolo.

Pizzolivm lands in Brazil together with AVPN 1