"Verdenso" unfiltered

Extra virgin oil and olive oil

Suggested use

Dressing Dressing
Low and high temperature cooking Low and high temperature cooking


Ligustro 500 ml Ligustro 500 ml
Ligustro 1 lt Ligustro 1 lt
"Verdenso" unfiltered 1

Cooking tips

"Verdenso" unfiltered 2


Directly from the oil mill, Olitalia “Verdenso” arrives on your table without undergoing filtration. Its cloudy appearance is due to the tiny particles of the olive fruit being suspended in the oil. Suggested as a raw condiment (salads, toasted bread and pinzimoni), on all types of vegetables, cold dishes and for all recipes to be enriched with a strong taste.

"Verdenso" unfiltered 3