Olitalia’s communication strategy to increase brand awareness

Throughout 2019, Olitalia has carried forward an important plan of investment into its communication strategy, with the objective of increasing brand awareness and of consolidating a new company image.

For the first time, the company has launched a publicity campaign dedicated to the target consumer, aimed at positioning Olitalia as a brand leader of innovation in the segment of oils and presented on the occasion of the launch of the new line of extra virgin olive oils the “I Dedicati”.

The campaign, on air from October until the end of the year, is characterized by a fresh and distinctive language that focusses on describing the perfect union between a dish and its oil, where each ingredient becomes protagonist.

The press release plan has involved not only trade publications – such as GDO Week and Food – but also digital releases and paper releases, in cooking magazines aimed at the greater public such as Sale e Pepe, La Cucina Italiana, Corriere Cucina and La Repubblica’s Album Cibo. A preview of the new company image was shown during the recent press conference launch of the I Dedicati, which took place on the 26th of September 2019 at the Hub of Identità Golose Milan with all of the Olitalia team.

Olitalia’s communication strategy to increase brand awareness 1

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News - Wednesday, May 29, 2019

I Dedicati interpreted by Giancarlo Perbellini

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