‘Nnumari: Olitalia at Pino Cuttaia’s event

Plastic No More, Olitalia’s project for environmental sustainability, protagonist at the symposium organised by Pino Cuttaia, chef at La Madia in Licata (a town on the south coast of Sicily).

This year the LSDM event changed formula: the cooking shows that were held for years were abandoned, with the congress giving space to chefs’ reflections. The events concentrated on “The future of cuisine, ethics, sustainability, aesthetics”.

Olitalia has by now also participated at the event for a long time, being spokesperson for the extra virgin olive oil culture, one of the symbols of Italian cuisine. The company was protagonist of the Masterclass on oil with chef Gianluca Gorini, who raised great interest for the recipes and the speech by Gianni Tognoni on the evolution of oil in the restaurant world, a theme particularly dear to Olitalia. To lead the Master Class – entitled “Extra virgin olive oil in cuisine and on the plate: oil-centred recipes, cooking methods and appreciation of the organoleptic characteristics” – journalist Luigi Franchi.
Some special awards were also presented during the congress, starting with Umberto Bombana (chef at OttoeMezzo Bombana in Hong Kong), who was awarded the Olitalia Modello d’Ispirazione (Model of Inspiration) Award. OttoeMezzo is the only Italian restaurant outside of Italy with Three Michelin Stars, appearing in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list.

‘Nnumari: Olitalia at Pino Cuttaia’s event 1

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News - Wednesday, May 29, 2019

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