Oil in the kitchen: three kitchens, three chefs, one ingredient.

Identità Golose Milan Congress - 18th edition 2023

On the occasion of Identità Golose 2023, Olitalia has decided to promote a discussion on the use of oil in the kitchen, combining tradition, research and innovation.

In fact, oil is not just a condiment, but a real ingredient, that can be used raw or in cooking, to nourish and entertain, to turn a diet from 'heavy' into 'healthy and light'.

Fulvio Marcello Zendrini will conduct the discussion on traditional uses, customs, new trends and ideas around one of the most historical and healthy products of Italian cuisine. 

The chefs will be the protagonists on stage:

Pasquale Torrente - Casa Torrente, Cetara (SA)
The chef from Cetara is world-famous especially for his anchovies and fried fish.

Franco Pepe - Pepe in Grani, Caiazzo (CE)
The most interesting and world-famous interpreter of the amazing world of pizza.

Marco Ambrosino - opening soon (NA)
The chef of avant-garde Mediterranean cuisine, which respects raw materials and seasonality.

Oil in the kitchen: three kitchens, three chefs, one ingredient. 1

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