Olitalia's first TV campaign lands in Taiwan

Olitalia's rhythm, the first TV campaign launched by Olitalia in Taiwan and signed by Leo Burnett, is on air from April 7th

Images of innovative gourmet dishes follow quickly one another, on the tune of a rhythmic soundtrack, featuring the one Michelin star chef Luigi Taglienti. Thanks to Olitalia, he prepares starred dishes that can really anticipate culinary trends.
This is the storyboard of "Olitalia's rhythm", the first TV campaign launched by Olitalia and broadcast in Taiwan from April 7th.
Produced by Leo Burnett, Olitalia's global creative partner since 2018, the campaign was created with the aim of strengthening the brand's leadership in this important market.

“Taiwan is one of the foreign countries where our brand awareness has already consolidated thanks to a long-standing relationship with the local importer and to the great work done by Wu Min Chung (吳敏鍾) and Wu Wen-Ling (吳文玲). This is why we decided to work together with Leo Burnett: we wanted to support the brand in a strategic way and to give continuity to the brand image even in a country that has such a different culture from ours", comments Gianni Tognoni, Olitalia's Chief Commercial Officer, talking about how this communication project was conceived.
The project highlights the strengths of Olitalia, which is appreciated and world-renowned for the high quality of the raw materials it uses, and for being able to anticipate culinary trends, also thanks to its constant collaboration with chefs.

Olitalia's first TV campaign lands in Taiwan 1

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