Olitalia is the favourite brand of Italian chefs

Returns to TV with its institutional advertisement.

According to the latest survey conducted by Nielsen IQ at the end of June 2023, Olitalia has strengthened its position in the market of condiments, proving once again to be ""The Favourite Brand of Italian Chefs ""*, It has achieved even better results than in previous surveys, both for the company itself and compared to other brands, thanks to the quality of its products, which turns out to be the main driver of customer's choice.

In factNielsen IQ was asked to replicate the research that had already been carried out in previous years, since 2014, with the aim of surveying the most widely used oil brands in restaurants. The results of the research that has just been completed - based on a representative sample of 600 oil purchasing managers and decision-makers - show that Olitalia is the most frequently purchased brand, both for cooking and for being used as a condiment at the table. Moreover, Olitalia has the highest retention rate amongst purchasers and is the the preferred oil brand in all types of restaurantsrestaurants, pizzerias, and hotels with catering service.

Thanks to the contribution of FRIENN an innovative high-performance frying oil with a specific formulation designed for professional deep-frying, Olitalia has also confirmed its leadership in the segment of frying oils, once again proving to be

Finally, the research shows that Olitalia is also the first brand for 'spontaneous recall'

For this reason, the company has decided to keep on with the communication approach started in recent years, with the aim of strengthening the position of Olitalia and its perception as a brand which can offer consumers innovative quality products that many chefs throughout Italy are already using.

Olitaliahas been back on TV since 17th September 2023 with an institutional advertisement broadcast on the main Italian TV networks, both generalist and on-demand channels, offering viewers the opportunity to get to know and dive into the world of Olitalia, of its taste and quality

*Claim by Olitalia based on research conducted by NielsenIQ in June 2023. Total Olitalia's results calculated over a representative sample of 600 restaurants, pizzerias, and hotels with catering service, +/- 4 percentage points with an estimate reliability of 95%.

Olitalia is the favourite brand of Italian chefs 1

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