Olitalia launches its first TV advertising campaign in Italy

The first Italian TV commercial will be broadcast from August 29 for a fortnight: innovation, quality and tradition are the stars

The best cuisine revolves around a great extra virgin olive oil. This is the message Olitalia wants to spread with its the new advertising campaign, on air on the main Italian TV channels starting from August 29.

Olitalia, a company specialising in the production of oil and vinegar is a leader in the Italian Food Service, and it is launching an all-Italian campaign signed by the creative agency Leo Burnett. The agency has been Olitalia's creative partner since 2018 and, last year, it created Olitalia's highly successful advertising campaign in Taiwan.

The TV commercial stands out for its very simple and clear communication approach, and its language marks a clear watershed with the past. A hymn to the beauty of ingredients which are glorified through the use of the right extra virgin olive oil.

The Italians' favourite brand. This is the claim of the campaign highlighting the founding values of Olitalia, the heart of its business: innovation, quality and collaboration with Italian chefs to create together innovative products that become real ingredients of unique and special dishes, just like in a restaurant.

Two different formats of the TV commercial - 15 and 30 seconds - will be aired on the main national TV networks, both general and digital, from Sunday 29 August to Saturday 11 September.

Gianni Tognoni, Chief Commercial Officer at Olitalia, commented on that: “The aim of this new advertising campaign, which is part of a project launched by Olitalia to conquer also the retail market, is to strengthen its positioning as a top-quality brand. A brand that is close to its consumers and customers, and that wants to convey all its values and passion to them, as well as bringing the flavours and traditions of our country to the Italian tables”.

Olitalia launches its first TV advertising campaign in Italy 1

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