Olitalia Olio di Roma IGP - extra virgin olive oil: a new entry at Olitalia

The new extra virgin olive oil that brings the tradition and flavor of Central Italy to our tables

Olitalia, a leading company in the food service industry, has launched its latest creation:Olio di Roma IGPavailable for purchase in large-scale retail since July 2023.

Olio di Roma IGP is a 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil with Indicazione Protected Geographical IndicationIt is the result of a selection of olives harvested in different provinces of the region of Lazio, where a unique combination of environmental factors and climatic conditions give this oil distinctive characteristics that really make it a culinary delight. Its colour is golden yellow with green hues, and as you taste it, you immediately perceive fruity notes of olive and tomato, as well as artichoke, almond and herbaceous notes, which are perfectly balanced with bitterness and pungency.

The peculiar traits of Olio di Roma IGP also make it perfect for traditional dishes,especially those of the area around Rome, which are based on simple and genuine local ingredients. This oil can give a distinctive and authentic touch to recipes, turning simple dishes into real culinary artworks.

Olitalia Olio di Roma IGP - extra virgin olive oil: a new entry at Olitalia 1

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