Olitalia presents its first sustainability report

Olitalia presents its first Sustainability Report for the year 2022. The aim is to bring the quality, well-being and excellence of good Italian products and lifestyle all over the world

'From a small factory in the heart of Emilia-Romagna, we have reached more than 120 countries, in all five continents, with a record turnover of 269 million euros and a production of 91 million litres of oil,' said Angelo Cremonini, President of the Olitalia Group. 'My father was the first to have the intuition to believe in the value of oil, a product that is a symbol of the Italian tradition, and we have come a long way from there'.

Olitalia has grown ceaselessly in recent years both in Italy and abroad and has become a reference company in the industry thanks to its unfailing commitment to supplying quality products appreciated by chefs and restaurateurs as well as consumers. The inclination for change, as well as the readiness to embrace novelties and turn them into new opportunities for growth, have become some of the company's founding values.

Olitalia's 2022 Sustainability Report stemmed from the wish to tell our story, the key principles that have inspired our company in its growth, and the objectives for continuing our journey towards sustainability.

The report focuses mainly on our governance, social and environmental commitment.

Olitalia's governance

Olitalia has 100% Italian share capital, and it is owned by the Giuseppe Cremonini family. The 2022 turnover was 269 million euros, and more than 91 million litres of oil were produced and packaged. The company operates in 120 countries worldwide and distributes products for the food service and retail.

Olitalia pays great attention to the research and development of innovative products, also thanks to collaborations with several Italian and international chefs' associations. With them, Olitalia has developed products both for restaurants and for the consumers, and the core of this innovation is the O.I.L. (Olitalia Innovation Lab), a large professional kitchen inside the company used for training and product innovation projects.

The company has been investing significantly in technology, plant engineering and software in the last few years, in order to offer markets the same high level of quality and safety.

Our social commitment

Olitalia has 127 employees, 88% of whom are on permanent contracts and 26% have been with the company for over 20 years. This figure reflects Olitalia's desire to create trusting and long-lasting working relationships. The company pays great attention to the well-being of its employees, so it has also adopted a Code of Ethics with the guidelines and principles underlying its work and that of its employees, and provides, on average, 10 hours of training per employee. In addition, Olitalia promotes work-life balance and access to flexible working systems to support employees, especially at key moments in their lives. The company also focuses on maintaining relationships with the local community, providing support, and participating in educational and awareness-raising initiatives in the area.

Protection of the environment

Energy saving, the use of energy from renewable sources, and the constant effort to run projects aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the factory have always characterised the company's DNA.

The factory has been upgraded and refurbished since 2018 to cut on CO2 emissions in the atmosphere and make the manufacturing plant, as well as all the offices, more energy efficient. Projects for the improvement of packaging have also been set up and have contributed to significantly reducing the amount of pre-form waste from the PET bottle production lines, as well as savings in raw materials and logistics optimisation thanks to the adoption of the new 'Evolution' glass bottle. Furthermore, with the Plastic no more project, Olitalia is carrying out actions, such as the elimination of single-use plastic in the company, or the use of bottles produced with 100% RPET from the Coripet controlled supply chain, and the promotion of an awareness-raising project on the correct disposal of used oil for the professional industry.

Future goals

Olitalia has drafted a plan to improve its performance, in line with the sustainable development goals of the UN 2030 agenda. Numerous projects are being devised and implemented both for governance and for the social and environmental impact of the company.

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