Olitalia renews the agreement with Coldiretti for its 100% Italian sunflower oil

Olitalia and Filiera Agricola Italiana SpA have signed their agreement on the supply chain traceability and production of 100% Italian high oleic sunflower oil for the year 2020. Economic terms and conditions have been confirmed, so the focus is now on the supply chain

Olitalia and Coldiretti have confirmed their agreement: Italian farmers are going to supply high oleic sunflower seeds all along the year 2020, and the seeds are going to be stocked in the facilities of the farmers' association. The economic terms and conditions have remained unchanged since last year, with long-term farming contracts, and a fair and equitable remuneration for the farmers, so that they can not only cover the production costs over the years, but also have a supply chain bonus.

This agreement marks an important milestone following the Covid-19 crisis, as it entails a totally Italian supply chain that can ensure sustained food supplies, safety, and quality of products. The aim is to reverse a long-lasting trend that caused Italy to stop farming sunflowers - over 10,000 hectares of this crop disappeared - due to the low prices resulting from the unfair competition of products coming from abroad, which also meant negative repercussions on employment, on the environment and the landscape.

"We are convinced that renewing this agreement has been an important step in the development and strengthening of a 100% Italian supply chain that produces high oleic sunflower oil not only for large retailers, but also for the catering industry", said Angelo Cremonini, President of Olitalia. "Olitalia has been operating for the catering industry for long: the brand is one of the most widely used by Italian chefs, and we have been bringing the passion for Italian cuisine and good living to people's tables for over 30 years. One of our crown jewels is Frienn: this frying oil is naturally palm oil-free and contains high oleic sunflower oil. It was specially designed to enhance Italian fried specialities, as well as the foreign ones, since we operate in over 120 countries".

Olitalia renews the agreement with Coldiretti for its 100% Italian sunflower oil 1

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News - Wednesday, May 29, 2019

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