Products: an all new packaging for Olitalia’s Monocultivar

New labels for Olitalia’s headline Monocultivar range, the extra virgin olive oils obtained from a singular cultivar.

The Monocultivar are a line of extra virgin olive oils obtained from pressing one single typology (cultivar) of olive; that is, they guarantee purity as well as, at the same time, enhancing flavour and fragrance. In Italy there are 395 different varieties of olives officially registered in the Italian Register of Olive Cultivation, a great number of which are indigenous and many rooted in the territory of origin. Every variety is different from each other: some types ripen early, others late; some varieties are resistant to natural aversities, others are sensitive. It is in this way that the oils produced from different varieties have very different characteristics to each other, both from a chemical and, above all, an organoleptic point of view. Olitalia’s Monocultivar guarantee total traceability from the origin, similarly for the olives and for the oil. From the Tuscan countryside, moving towards South Italy, until reaching Sicily, these products represent a type of sensorial route in which the organoleptic peculiarities are enhanced by the climate and by the Italian countryside. The Frantoio, Nocellara and Ogliarola Monocultivar have been chosen as an expression of three typical organoleptic qualities: from a fruity predominance, to spicy and bitter notes, until reaching a substantial balance of these elements. These three products are presented in a new, even more elegant and distinctive, packaging that draws attention to the quality and to the 100% Italian origin.
Products: an all new packaging for Olitalia’s Monocultivar 1

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