San Patrignano hosts the congress of Jeunes Restaurateurs – Italy

The rehabilitation centre of San Patrignano was the venue chosen for the meeting of the association’s member chefs, who gathered to exchange and share their points of view and opinions. Olitalia supported the Congress.

San Patrignano hosted the 26th National Congress of JRE – Italy on March 18th 2019. This association of the most talented Italian chefs gathered like every year, and its members, as well as some journalists and partner companies, have taken stock of the situation, of past and future projects, in a spirit of sharing and exchange.
With the membership of four new chefs – Simone Nardoni (restaurant Essenza in Terracina), Giorgio Bertolucci (restaurant Eurossola in Domodossola), Cesare Grandi (restaurant Limonaia in Turin), and Federico Beretta (restaurant Feel in Como) – the number of Italian chefs has attained 88.
Olitalia could not miss this important occasion of meeting and sharing, as the company has developed and designed together with the JRE chefs a line of extra virgin olive oils – I Dedicati – which have been specially intended for professional cooking and restaurants, turning olive oil into one of the most important ingredients of Italian auteur cuisine.
As every year, a traditional Gala Dinner took place at the end of the congress. This year’s dinner was organized inside the rehabilitation centre of San Patrignano and heralded a particular message: the JRE chefs were asked to study and create a menu but their work was supported by some of the boys and girls who are in the rehabilitation centre and are studying to work as waiters or cooks. The first little step forward for a new life.

San Patrignano hosts the congress of Jeunes Restaurateurs – Italy 1

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News - Wednesday, May 29, 2019

I Dedicati interpreted by Giancarlo Perbellini

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