Macaroons with olive oil, mango and chili pepper oil

by chef Andrea Valentinetti


Serves 4

For the macaroons

  • 330 g. - Powdered sugar
  • 330 g. - Almond flour   
  • 110 g. - Egg whites   
  • Yellow food coloring


For the oil ganache

  • 350 g. - White chocolate  
  • 150 g. - Cream
  • 1 - Piece vanilla bean
  • 200 g. - Olitalia Chili Pepper Oil


For the spicy mango

  • 150 g. - Cubed mango
  • 50 g. - Mango puree
  • 30 g. - Sugar
  • 2 g. - Pectin
  • 1/2 - Passion fruit
  • Powdered red pepper
Macaroons with olive oil, mango and chili pepper oil 1
Macaroons with olive oil, mango and chili pepper oil 2


Chilli pepper-flavoured

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For the macaroons

  • 1

    Mix the sugar, one egg white and the almond flour.

  • 2

    Separately cook the sugar and water to 118°C, making a syrup, and then pour over 2 semi-whipped egg whites, cool the mixture and combine with the first mixture.

  • 3

    Form macaroons and bake at 150° for about 12 minutes.


For the ganache

  • 1

    Melt the chocolate, drizzle on the Olitalia Chili Pepper Oil, add the boiling cream and vanilla, emulsify and refrigerate until use.


Macaroons with olive oil, mango and chili pepper oil 3

Chef Andrea Valentinetti

Restaurant Radici Restaurant

From classical beginnings studying Hospitality, he refined his skills under Gino Pesce at Acqua Pazza in Ponza, before moving on to La Montecchia and Le Calandre, where he met Erminio Alajmo. A stint spent at the pastry section at Peck, and later at Cracco-Peck, in Milan, was formative. He later met master Denis Dianin, with whom he worked on an extremely exciting project: expanding the pastry section to encompass top quality savoury offerings. From here, the D&G Patisserie Restaurant was born. He went on to run restaurants at Hotel Biri in Padua and Palazzo Viva in Kuala Lumpur, before opening Radici, his own restaurant in the centre of Padua, where the chef presents his own concept of cuisine.

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