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Frienn is the frying product that enables you to easily get appetizing and crispy fried foods. Frienn’s high content of oleic acid and vitamin E, combined with antioxidants, ensures greater stability and high smoke point. Thanks to its innovative formulation, Frienn prevents unpleasant smells around, without altering neither the colour nor the taste of food. Frienn is obtained from 100% Italian sunflower seeds and is palm-oil free.

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Sustainable packaging

Starting from April 2022, Frienn 1-litre PET bottles are made of 100% recycled and recyclable PET from the Italian controlled Coripet food chain. Thanks to a project for circular economy, Coripet, which is a Italian voluntary consortium recognised by the Italian Ministry of the Environment, collects, recycles and manages the end-of-life of food-grade PET bottles turning them into R-PET (Recycled PET), a valuable material that can be used repeatedly to produce new bottles and thus reduce the use of newly manufactured plastics. An important choice for the environment: the more plastics you recycle, the less you produce!
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