Olitalia is the favourite brand of Italian chefs

Leadership in the Food Service confirmed also for the year 2020

According to the latest research conducted by Nielsen between March and September 2020, Olitalia is considered by respondents as a brand that can meet the most diverse needs in the restaurants and pizzerias channel. In particular, respondents appreciate the quality of products, the clarity of the available product range and the innovation. Quality and innovation are keywords for Olitalia's products such as i Dedicati, the extra virgin olive oils with organoleptic profiles that were specially designed to meet different cooking needs and for the perfect match with different dishes: meat, fish, vegetables, pasta and pizza.

The company asked Nielsen to replicate a survey that had already been carried out in 2014 and 2017 to find out which brands of oil are the most used in restaurant kitchens in the hospitality industry.

The results of the research confirm that Olitalia is the most purchased brand of oil in the restaurants and pizzerias channel, both for cooking and table condiment use. The highest rate of brand loyalty and stability has been recorded, which is an even more significant fact if we consider the general context with most market players showing a decline.

The oil produced by Olitalia is actually the most appreciated and purchased on the basis of quality, even in the case of frying oil: most of respondents use Frienn, the 100% Italian frying oil, which is entirely palm-oil free, produced with high-oleic sunflower oil (80%) and enriched with antioxidants (tocopherols and rosemary extract).

Nielsen research has also showed that Olitalia has achieved further goals by combining tradition and innovation: clearly and easily readable labels, high product quality, a very wide range of products available and an efficiently organised logistics system. 

The level of satisfaction for Olitalia products has further increased compared to the last Nielsen survey conducted in 2017. This confirms the company's commitment to becoming a reference brand in Italy both in the catering industry and among consumers.


* Nielsen survey conducted from March to September 2020 in Italy. Total Olitalia data calculated on a representative sample of 600 among Italian restaurants, pizzerias and hotels with kitchen, +/-4 pp at 95%

Olitalia is the favourite brand of Italian chefs 1

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