Codfish and potato croquettes

by chef Pasquale Torrente - restaurant Al Convento, Cetara (Salerno)


Ingredients for about 30 croquettes


For the croquettes

  • 500 gr. - Fresh codfish fillets
  • 300 gr. - Potatoes
  • 1 - Egg
  • 1 - Table spoon Olitalia Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Qs - Fine salt
  • Qs - Fresh chopped parsley


For the breading

  • 1 - Egg
  • Qs - Breadcrumbs


For the deep-frying

  • 1 lt. - FRIENN - Olitalia deep-frying oil (Oil temperature: 170°C /338° F)
Codfish and potato croquettes 1
Codfish and potato croquettes 2

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  • 1

    Wash carefully the potato skins and put the potatoes in a pot with cool water. Bring the water to a boil and cook the potatoes for about 30 minutes: use a fork to test the cooking; they must be soft when you punch them.

  • 2

    Steam the codfish for 7 minutes.

  • 3

    Peel the potatoes when they are still hot and mash them in a large enough bowl by using a potato masher.

  • 4

    Add the codfish fillets and mix using a fork. Add the egg, the extra virgin olive oil and season with some salt and parsley. Mix the ingredients until the mixture is homogeneous.

  • 5

    Shell the egg, put it in a dish a beat gently with a fork.

  • 6

    Take the mixture and divide it into small pieces that are the size of a walnut, roll them in your hands and coat them, first, with the beaten egg, then with the breadcrumbs.

  • 7

    Deep-fry with Frienn at 170°C/338°F for about one minute, until the croquettes are golden-brown and crispy.

  • 8

    Remove the croquettes, allow oil to drain and put them on some paper towel before serving.


Codfish and potato croquettes 3

Pasquale Torrente

Born in 1965 in Cetara (SA), a lovely town on the Amalfi Coast and the undisputed ambassador of spaghetti with anchovy sauce. His exuberant cooking style is matched by his equally sparkling personality.