We’re fried! Loveknot Tortellini

by chefs Nadia and Mirko Pasquali

Serves 6

  • 150 g. - Stewed beef
  • 50 g. - Pork ribs
  • 50 g. - Veal
  • 50 g. - Chicken livers
  • 10 g. - Chicken gizzards
  • 1 - Egg 
  • Pastry (1/2 kg flour and 5 whole eggs + 1 yolk salt to taste)
  • Salt
  • Sage
  • nutmeg
We’re fried! Loveknot Tortellini 1
We’re fried! Loveknot Tortellini 2

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  • 1

    Cook the beef, pork and veal in FRIENN over low heat.

  • 2

    Separately cook the livers with a mixture of chopped onions, carrots and celery and a bunch of aromatic herbs, bathe with white wine (Garganega or Custoza contains sulfites) mince everything, cool and add a beaten egg to hold it together, plus a pinch of nutmeg.

  • 3

    Make the dough using the eggs and flour, roll it out very thinly, and cut it into 3 cm squares. Place a teaspoon of filling in the center of each square. Seal them and shape into the characteristic tortellini form.

  • 4

    Let them dry a little and refrigerate them for a half hour. Heat an abundant amount of FRIENN to 180°C for a few minutes and dry for 2 minutes.

  • 5

    Serve in straw paper cones with a little salt and powdered sage. Sprinkle with Damascus rose petals.

We’re fried! Loveknot Tortellini 3

Chef Nadia and Mirko Pasquali

Restaurant Alla Borsa

Nadia Pasquali of Borsa in Valeggio sul Mincio is a chef, but more than that she is a hostess, with a keen sense of hospitality. The restaurant, which she runs with her parents and her brother, is strongly associated with the history of Valeggio's tortellini, of which Nadia is an enthusiastic champion. Her cooking draws heavily on authentic tradition, and puts Valeggio firmly on the culinary map. Vice-president of the Valeggio Restaurateurs' Association, she is involved in organising Nodo d'Amore [Feast of the Love Knot], a veritable culinary celebration that see three thousand diners come together at Ponte Visconteo each year to enjoy Valeggio's nodo d'amore tortellini.